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In 2015, after finishing work on his first book (Eleanor Cameron: Dimensions of Amazement, University Press of Mississippi), author Paul V. Allen decided  to learn more about one of his favorite '00s bands, The Hopefuls. 

When he started doing interviews he realized the enormous scope of that band's story. The Hopefuls were more than just a fun power pop band, they were the nexus point of an amazingly diverse collective of musicians with a reach across the Minnesota music scene and well beyond.

Over the next two years Paul conducted over 30 interviews (including ones with all of the Hopefuls) and read hundreds of articles to assemble the interconnected musical life stories of the four men at the center of that collective - Erik Appelwick, Eric Fawcett, John Hermanson, and Darren Jackson. The resulting book, The Hopefuls: Chasing a Rock 'n' Roll Dream in the Minnesota Music Scene is an in-depth examination and celebration of the work of four uniquely talented independent musicians. 

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Paul V. Allen is a non-fiction writer and researcher, as well as an early literacy specialist at the elementary level. His first book, Eleanor Cameron: Dimensions of Amazement (2018, University Press of Mississippi) is a biography of the influential children's author and critic. 

He lived in the Twin Cities from 1999 to 2016, during which time he immersed himself in the local music scene and first came to love the bands this site covers. He lives in Normal, Illinois with his wife, two sons, two cats, and a very large record collection.

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